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Best Technology

Simply allow the latest Osuji technology perform the most tedious and repetitive tasks in our cooking, allowing us concentrate on tasks that  are pleasuarable and adds real value in tasty cooking. Get your own Osuji Pounded Yam Machine. BUY NOW  Read more...

Retire your Mortar

Responsible for helping us make our pounded meals for so many generations your mortar no more fits into the schedule of the 21st century African lady or family.  We should really not labor before we enjoy pounded meals. Get yours today. BUY NOW.  Read more...

Excellent Meals

Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner even as snack whenever or however you enjoy your pounded meals, your Osuji Pounded Yam Machine is your silent partner pounding while you make those mouth watering soups we cant resist. So tickle your family, amaze your friends, impress your neighbors make pounded yam without sweat.  Read more...

Making Pounded Yam

Pounded Meals Now Easily Made

 Why is the Osuji Pounded Yam Machine the best yet? Carefully and painstakingly researched with all parameters considered in its design to ensure the result of every pound is exactly to how we expect the outcome to be in Africa, hot, smooth and elastic.

  Easy to understand users manual makes operating the Osuji Pounded Yam Machine a breeze. Our Machine operates with a very low power requirement thus ensuring whatever your power source you can enjoy a fantastic meal.

  Portable, hygienic, durable, beautiful. Your purchase will keep you excited and tickled for a long while. Simply spice up your meal times with this new addition.

  Simply boil your yams, cocoyams, ripe/unripe plantain, cassava or any tuber of your choice, transfer to your Osuji Pounded Yam Machine, and within one minute you get the most fantastic pounded yam or pounded meal you have had in a very long while.

  Getting your Osuji Yam Pounder delivered to your home/office has also never been this easy, simply Buy Now, below.


Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We provide the finest products in our industry. If you are not fully SATISFIED for any reason, just return within 30 days, even after use (especially after use) for a full refund of your purchase price.

At the new Osuji your satisfaction is our No. 1 priority- and it is 100% Guaranteed.

Use our products, Love it or get a full refund.   So use our products risk free for 30 days.

The Osuji Yam Pounder

The Osuji Pound Alone is a remarkable device that sits comfortably on your kitchen counter-top, providing you with the option of excellent pounded meals anytime you choose. Simply push the button and excellent pounded yam is ready.

Make that great soup and leave the work of pounding your food to this wonderful device, a device that completes every African kitchen. 

We Promptly deliver to your door free, offering a free demonstration on delivery, ensuring you enjoy and are satisfied with your Osuji Yam Pounder. Only N29500.

Pay on Delivery.

call; 08034791815 or 08060444935

The Osuji Yam Pounder
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Simply Amazing

When i told them i would serve real pounded yam they almost fell off their chairs laughing thinking i was not for real and it was impossible for a modern lady to pound. But pound i did because within 10 minutes i had before then excellent pounded yam, all jaws dropped looking at me and hailing me wonder woman. Thank you Osuji for making me both effective and productive. Find Out How...

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Delivery Information

 Wherever you live or work the Osuji Pounded Yam Machines can be delivered to you. We offer a free delivery service adding to the wow effect of the Osuji experience. With a 12 months guarantee on any of your purchase you can rest assured of continued value being delivered by your Osuji appliance. Enjoy a discount when you buy more than one unit. BUY NOW. 

Business Partnership

Osuji Appliances Ltd is a company with vast technical know how and infrastructure. With a large portfolio of both consumer and business products. Would you like to have a business and thereby another revenue stream dealing in the Osuji products in the area of your choice or your immediate vicinity. The Osuji products presently in the market are; The Osuji Pound Alone, The Osuji All Fufu Maker, The Osuji Smart Changeover Switch, The Osuji Smart Borehole Switch, etc    . Learn More...