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Osuji Pound Alone.

Enjoy the magic and power of modern innovation, the Osuji pound alone relives you of all the tedious and laborious process of making real pounded yam. Read more...

Makes Amala, Semo, Cooks and pounds.

Our latest invention finally removes all work from the making our most preferred meals, the Osuji All Fufu Maker easily makes semo, wheat, starch, cornfood, kenkey, banku etc. it also boils and pounds all fresh tubers. . Read more...

Hotels and Small Restaurants.

Make only the quantity of pounded yam you need to serve, simply press the button and the machine does all the work. Freshly made pounded yam remains unrivaled. Get the Osuji Pounded Yam Machine. Read more..

Pounded Yam Made Easy

Pamper your spouse, Excite your children, Impress your In-laws, amaze your Neighbors, Humble your friends. Serve real pounded yam without any rigorous procedure. Order your Osuji Pounded Yam Machine.

Some people consider it laziness to allow a machine do the most tedious, unpleasant and repetitious tasks in our cooking, we often ask them if they remember that we once used the grinding stone in place of the blender.

Lets Replace the Mortar and Pestle from all Our Homes..........Its so Long Overdue.

We offer a free delivery service.....meaning we deliver the Osuji Pounded Yam Machine to your Home or office within 24hrs of your order. So prepare that wonderfully great soup and order your Pounded Yam Machine..... 


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Call Us; +234 08034791815, 08060444935 Email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Korrect Pounded Yam....No Rivals

When I told them that I would serve them Real Pounded Yam they almost fell off their chairs laughing, 10 minutes latter I came in with freshly made, steaming hot, smooth and elastic pounded yam......  Find Out How...

Many Happy Days @ Home

All soups go Best with Korrect Pounded Yam.

What if we had a home where we can choose to enjoy Real pounded yam anytime everytime.

A home where making great soups came with the assurance of having it with freshly made Real pounded yam,

a choice as easy as choosing to boil rice to have or serve with your just prepared stew. NO labour, NO stress, NO pain

-just like that. 

 Your Osuji Pounded Yam Machine gives you that choice and Power.

  Don't take our word for it...........book a demonstration in your home or office today.

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Korrect Pounded yam for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, even Brunch or Snacks, we've got it covered in your home. Its been said that an African Man's Meal is the gateway to his heart...  . Find Out How...

Order Information and All enquiries

     To Order your Osuji Pounded Yam Machine Kindly fill the contact us here form inclusive of a phone number and our representative in your city will give you a call before delivering your choice of the Osuji Appliances. The Osuji Appliances are of two types;


   THE OSUJI POUND ALONE; the Osuji Pound Alone is reputed for its ability to transform boiled fresh tubers into ready to swallow meals. Simply boil your yams, cocoyams, plantain or cassava and transfer to your Osuji Pound Alone and in less than 2minutes you get Korrect pounded yam. Pounded yam that is devoid of all lumps (seeds), very hot, and elastic. The Osuji Pound Alone goes for N29,500.


   THE OSUJI ALL FUFU MAKER; considered by its users as the Kitchen King, the Osuji All FUFU Maker cooks or boils all your fresh tubers like Yams, Cocoyams, Plantain (ripe or unripe), Cassava etc and automatically pounds the tubers when its cooked into the best pounded yam, fufu or pounded plantain you have had in a long time. This Kitchen King also has the additional function of making all dehydrated floured meals into excellent meals like Amala, Semo, Wheat, Tuwo, Banku, Kenkey, Cornfood, Starch, Garri (eba), Akamu etc no turning or stirring. No more do you have to turn or stir your garri. The Osuji All Fufu Maker costs N53,500


 We offer all users of the Osuji Appliances a 12months guarantee from the date of purchase, meaning 12months after a delivery of your appliance should you experience any malfunction simply call or email us with your details and issues experienced our technical staff within your locality would be at your address with the solution. Same applies even after the guarantee period only a small token for servicing might be required. So confidently enjoy your purchase. 

Pounding Yam

Boiling and Pounding Plantain

Our Address:
Liaison office
31 Urubi Street,Benin city, Nigeria

Factory; Aburime Industrial Estate, Isihor,Benin city, Nigeria

Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm
Weekends 9am to 12am

Order Information

TO Order your Osuji pounded yam machine or the Osuji All Fufu-Maker simply call or text your Name, address, city and phone number to +2348034791815 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We would have it delivered to your address. Note; we always call to confirm delivery time. Delivery is Free anywhere in Nigeria.

Most Recent Price

The Osuji Pounded Yam Machine is portable, hygienic and comes with a one year guarantee and costs N31,500. The Osuji All Fufu-Maker cooks, pounds and makes most African meals and more like Amala, semo, starch, tuwo, banku, kenkey, also boils and pounds all fresh tubers like yam, plantain cocoyams etc costs N53,500.